Cell Phones Guide Tours Back in Time

It's a bit of a paradox but in today's cell phone crazed society, it is the most convenient and efficient way to experience history--at the Arab Historocal Village anyway.

Did you know that if by chance you are strolling in the Arab City Park and wondering around the Historical Village at a time when the Village is closed, you can take a guided cell phone tour?

There are codes and signage with numbers to call for each building. The narrative explains what the building is, when it came to the Village and its inner going-ons.

The tour begins at the Elvin Light Museum, and along the way tour goers are enlightened with fun facts about the 1900's. If using the dial in option, tourists are able to stay on the line or hang up until they choose to go to the next building.

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If using the barcode scanner, all the user has to do is scan the next plaque.

Other stops in the village include the Hunt School, where visitors will learn about school life, which centered around spring and fall harvests, and washing hands with water brought in with buckets.

The Rice Church is another stop, which included that "foot stompin" gospel music. The Smith Country Store is another stop not to miss, as is the Ruth Club House, grist mill, and blacksmith shop.

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The voices narrating the tour varies throughout and the time depends on how long visitors have to spend. It is well worth the trip throughout the village--a refreshing but ironic thing--to be transplanted back in the 1900's with the help of...a cell phone.

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