Santa & Saban

For those of you who haven’t heard, Nick Saban is coming to town. There is another guy with the same name coming soon as well - Ole Saint Nick. The two don’t look anything alike. One is famous for bringing toys. The other is famous for bringing national championships.

Both are welcome in this part of the world, as the South does Christmas and football like no other place on Earth, at least no place I’ve ever been.

In thinking about these two Nick’s, I discovered that they have more than just a name in common. They wear the same colors. Crimson and white wrap around the jolly ole man’s belly, offset by a pair of shiny black boots. Those same colors, offset by a pair - or more - of sparkling rings, complete the Coach’s look.

Both men operate a business that is no nonsense. One delivers toys all over the world within a 24-hour period with no worries about beating the clock. His team is prompt and capable and creative. The other delivers wins on the football field with no hesitation. His team has class and talent and loyalty.

Both men have a workshop of sorts. Ole Saint Nick’s is located at the North Pole, a secretive place where his team develops the latest and greatest gadgets. Coach Nick’s is located in T-town, where his team develops strength and endurance.

These two Nicks don’t travel the same way. One comes on a sleigh with reindeer, while the other travels by plane or by Ford. Nor do they arrive the same way. One comes under the cover of night. The other arrives to shouts of Yea Alabama and overzealous fans.

I am anticipating the visit of both Nicks with great excitement. My list is made for Ole Saint Nick and my fingers crossed that most of those items will be under my Christmas tree on December 25th.

Despite this past weekend’s loss to the Auburn Tigers, I believe the other Nick will deliver not just a great speech on Feb. 12th when he visits Marshall County, but another win for the Crimson Tide at Bowl time.

How funny would it be if one Nick brought tickets to see the other Nick as part of my Christmas? It might not be funny, but it sure would be fine. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Roll Tide.

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