Shrimp: My Favorite Summertime Food

peel and eat shrimp

Shrimp are best served the good ole’ fashioned way. Just peel’em and eat’em. At least that is what I thought initially and then I began to think of all my favorite shrimp dishes. Well, I am not so sure anymore.

I mean, I love to eat them battered and deep fried, maybe with a little coconut thrown in, which reminds me of breezy carefree nights at the beach.

coconut shrimp

Or I could sauté them in a little butter and a few spices, toss into a white sauce with my pasta of choice, and a good glass of wine. Suddenly I am thinking date night and cuddling with my hubby.

shrimp and pasta

Or, I could boil them, along with some corn and potatoes, a little sausage and it is amazing how the sounds of New Orleans fill my brain.

shrimp boil

I could crank up the grill and skewer a few with some veggies and have a healthy snack that reminds me of nothing in particular, but makes me feel good that I am eating healthy.

So, I guess I could call myself a shrimp lover. Those little sea creatures just do it for me. They are part of my summer menu at least once a week. Hoping some of you will comment and share your favorite shrimp dishes.

If you are looking to eat them the New Orleans way, join us for Shrimpfest this Saturday at Lake Guntersville State Park #ShrimpfestLakeG. Tickets are only $3 per person. For more info visit

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