Keep an Eagle Eye open at Lake Guntersville State Park

Posted on Thursday, 17 January 2019.

Keep an Eagle Eye open at Lake Guntersville State Park

Next week everyone is going to be talking about the eagles. No, not the Philadelphia Eagles, but those we find right here in Marshall County. Eagle Awareness will take place again this year at Lake Guntersville State Park. The weekend program kicks off on Friday, January 25 and takes place every weekend through February 17.

This year’s festivities include birds of prey presentations, guided tours with experienced park personnel and activities for kids of all ages. Eagles, especially the bald ones, are important to not just our nation but also to nature itself. The bald eagle, with its snowy-feathered head and white tail, is a national symbol for the United States, yet the bird was nearly wiped out after decades of being hunted for sport.

Pesticides like DDT also wreaked havoc on the eagle population. These chemicals, collected in fish and passed to the eagle through its digestive system, weakened the bird's egg shells and severely limited its ability to reproduce. Since DDT use was heavily restricted in 1972, eagle numbers have rebounded significantly and have been aided by reintroduction programs. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has taken the eagle off the endangered list.

Eagles are now frequent flyers at the state park, not to mention the other waterfowl and native deer that roam the grounds, making these winter weekends the perfect opportunity to observe animals and birds of prey in their natural habitat. Be sure to pack appropriate clothing and maybe a pair of binoculars for this outdoor weekend adventure as you will travel to eagle nesting sites and nearby points of interest, as well as experience live birds of prey demonstrations.

New this year as part of the schedule is a complimentary wine tasting for package holders that will be offered in conjunction with the weekend orientation. Taste a variety of wines from local award-winning Jules J. Berta Vineyards.

Oh, and you could consider giving the eagle weekend program as a gift. Alabama state park gift cards can be purchased at your local state park and can be used anywhere in the park that debit/credit cards are accepted. For more information on how to purchase a park gift card contact the local park or call 1-800-ALA-PARK.

For more information about the schedule and presenters for each weekend, click here! 

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